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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much deposit do you require?  


A. The Initial deposit is $250. This deposit (prepayment) books your date on our calendar and applies to your total balance. If paying only the deposit, installment payments will be set up.  We accept cash, check or PayPal.


Q. Are there extra fees, besides what's on your quote?  


A. We believe strongly in being up-front with our clients and will NEVER nickel-and-dime . When we send a quote, it includes a complete package of sound, club-style lighting, emcee, setup/teardown, etc.


Q. How often do you take breaks and will you be eating with us?  


A. We typically do not take breaks. While not always possible, we try to have two performers at an event. That way one can take a break and the other can keep the party going. Our job, and we take it seriously, is to make certain your event flows smoothly and without any "dead air". On the occasion that we do find a moment or two to spare you'll see us mingling with your guests, taking requests, and making certain everyone is happy and well-entertained. With regards to eating, we do appreciate the opportunity to eat after your guests have been accommodated.  


Q. Is tax included?  


A. Yes.


Q. Do you have a contract?  


A. Yes. A contract is just good business for both parties. It spells out pertinent details of our agreement such as date, time, location, price, etc.


Q. Is it appropriate to tip the DJ?  


A. If you feel your DJ has delivered exceptional service, then absolutely. As in any service industry, tip for exceptional service and base your gratuity on your level of satisfaction.


Q. When do you need my pre-planning information?  


A. At our initial consultation, we will set up a follow up appointment to discuss all the details of your event. .We will sit down and discuss all aspects of your event including; demographics of the guests, requests, tempo, and special announcements. I will take this information and create a "script" for your event. I will provide this script to you prior to the event and get your approval or make any changes you require. I will then work from this script during your event. I will do everything I can to make sure your event is a success. My philosophy is that no one came to see the DJ, however your entertainment is key to the success of your event. My experience, personality and knowledge will make your event - one to remember.


Q. What kinds of music do you have?  


A. We have a music library of thousands of songs. They range from traditional classical wedding music, easy listening, big band, Motown & oldies, country, current radio hits, hip-hop, dance mixes, line dances and more.


Q. Can I pick out the songs I want for my special dances?  


A. Yes. We have lists with numerous song suggestions for the First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Bouquet Toss, etc.


Q: Do you play requests??  


A: If you're ok with requests, we encourage them.


Q. Can you provide music for our ceremony?  


A. In most cases we can. Discuss your plans with us and we'll be able to tell you in advance.


Q. How far will you travel?  


A. Our primary service area is Middle and West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. However, we are not limited to these areas. We do have a mileage charge after the first 100 miles round trip of $1.00 per mile. We determine mileage prior to your event using Google Maps to determine the distance between our office and your event location. That way, you pay only for "book" miles and know in advance the amount of this fee.


Q. Will you dress appropriately for my wedding?  


A. Yes. Unless requested to dress otherwise, we dress in "business" attire (dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes or full suit)


Q. Will you conduct yourself properly at my wedding or event?  


A. Absolutely!  Our DJs never use alcohol or tobacco while on duty. Also, there will be no bad language or tasteless jokes. You can depend on your DJ being polite, sophisticated and professional at all times.


Q. Do you use professional grade equipment?  


A. We use only professional sound and lighting products. Major professional brands such as JBL Pro Audio, Peavey, Crown, Chauvet, American Audio,  Behrenger and others are in our equipment inventory.


Q: How much time do you need to set up your equipment??  


A: We need two and a half hours to set up for your event, we will arrive two and a half hours prior to our event.


Q: What types of questions do I need to consider before our sit down meeting??  


A: General age of guest, types of music desired (rap, top 40, country, big band, etc.), types of music you don't want played, special songs or announcements, contests or door prizes, how active you want the DJ? (master of ceremonies, make a few announcements, just play music).??


Q: How much do you charge and how much is overtime?


A: Our fee is determined by a number of factors including the length of event, date of event, location of event, and sound equipment required. Overtime is $125.00 per additional hour (when available).